Settler crowds inside Ibrahimi mosque

Hebron: Child deliberately run over as settlers break into Ibrahimi mosque

PNN/ Hebron/
An Israeli settler on Sunday evening has ran over a sever-year-old child near the Ibrahimi mosque in the old city of Hebron, causing him wounds.

The child, Omar Idrees, sustained wounds and was rushed to the Hebron hospital. His medical condition is still unknown. The settler ran away with his car.

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) were highly present at the place, since thousands of settlers were crowded in the mosque to revive Talmudic rituals for the Jewish Head of the Year “Rosh Hashanah.”  Israeli settlers are also prepping for a musical concert to take place in the mosque.

IOF have surrounded the mosque and closed seven out of eight checkpoints surrounding it. The Palestinian worshipers were allowed to enter only a part of the mosque and were let in through one checkpoint with numerous restrictions.

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