IOF raze and block lands southeast Bethlehem

PNN/ Bethlehem
Coordinator for the Popular Struggle Committee in Bethlehem, Hassan Breijiyah on Tuesday told PNN that Israeli Occupation Bulldozers at about 6 AM started razing an agricultural land that has the width of ten Dunums, south-east of Bethlehem.

IOF claimed that the land, which is legal property of Palestinian named Riyad Qaraqe’, was Israeli “state property.” However, Berijiah said that this comes as part of settlement expansion plans, since it is annexed to the Efrat settlement.

IOF also blocked a road that leads to agricultural lands in Rashaydeh village east of Bethlehem. Berijiha said that the road was opened a year and a half ago , and connects about 500 Dunums of olive planted land.

The land is annexed to Ma’aleh Amos settlement which is built on Palestinian civilians’ land.

Berijiah called on the owners of these lands to be careful from Israeli seizures and keeping their documents.

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