Signatures to arrest Netanyahu exceed goal, UK says he has immunity

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The UK petition which called on arresting Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, on Sunday hit 101,000 signatures. However, the UK government said that the PM has immunity and could not be arrested.

The petition calls on arresting Netanyahu upon his visit to the UK in September, for war crimes conducted especially during last year’s massacre on Gaza, which murdered over 2000 civilians.

However, the UK government responded by saying that “Under UK and international law, visiting heads of foreign governments, such as Prime Minister Netanyahu, have immunity from legal process, and cannot be arrested or detained.”

In a statement, The British Government said that they invited Netanyahu, as head of the Israeli Government, to visit the UK in September.

“We recognize that the conflict in Gaza last year took a terrible toll,” statement said, describing the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Gaza as a terrorist organization which lead Israel to “defend itself against it”

In contradiction, the statement says that “the UK consistently urged Israel to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties, to exercise restraint, and to help find ways to bring the situation to an end,” despite its killing over 2,200 civilians in Gaza.

The statement concluded by stressing that the UK is a close friend of Israel and enjoys an excellent bilateral relationship, built on decades of cooperation between the two. However, it called on the formation of a Palestinian state on the occupied borders of 1967.


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