The rubble of ex-prisoner Majdi Abul-Heija's home in Jenin refugee camp, destroyed by IOF (1/ 9/ 2015)

Jenin: IOF destroy ex-prisoner’s home, leave camp in wreckage

PNN/ Jenin
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday overnight broke into Jenin refugee camp, where they destroyed the home of ex-prisoner Majdi Abul Haija. On Monday night, About 40 military jeeps, backed with bulldozers and infantry division, broke into Jenin, causing extremely violent clashes.

After the demolition, IOF arrested  Abul Heija, his son Suhaib (18), and his brother Alaa.

In addition, sources said that an Israeli military jeep deliberately ran over a 15-year-old child named Islam Dababa, and opened teargas on the protesters, causing dozens of suffocation.

Security sources said that IOF completely demolished the house and inspected neighboring houses, before they withdrew from the camp at about 6 AM , leaving behind rubble and wreckage.

11954653_989013667842201_8784352575267809502_n-1PNN reporter added that during the demolition, two homes were burned after Israeli soldiers attacked them with “Energa rockets.” IOF also destroyed several walls surrounding houses, and cut the electricity for the whole camp.

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