Limited invasion by Israeli tanks, northern Gaza

PNN/ Gaza/

Eyewitnesses from Beit Hanoun city north Gaza strip on Wednesday said that Israeli four tanks and three Bulldozers have entered the strip, opened fire and razed land for civilians.

Locals said that the vehicles entered more than 150 meters into the strip, and razed private property lands.

In the center of the strip, Israeli soldiers in military watchtowers have opened fire on farmer’s lands. and a monitoring plane is roaming in Beit Hanoun sky.

Israeli tanks and bulldozers have often entered the Gaza strip, violating the truce signed last August between Gaza ruling (Hamas) and Israel, following the 51-day aggression that killed over 2,200 Palestinians.

In addition to the invasions, Israeli soldiers open fire on civilian homes, target farmers and fishermen, especially near the Gaza borders.

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