Dolphin spying for Mossad captured off Gaza shore

PNN/ Gaza/

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has captured a dolphin with “spying equipment” off the shore of the Gaza Strip, Press TV said Thursday. 

According to Wednesday reports by Palestinian media outlets based in the blockaded sliver, the aquatic animal was captured a few days ago.

The website added that Hamas commandos noticed the sea creature thanks to its “suspicious movements” and caught it.

A small surveillance camera was strapped to the dolphin along with a remote-control monitoring device, also capable of shooting small arrows.

Sources were quoted as saying the arrows were capable of injuring or even killing a man.

The animal was reportedly being used to track Hamas naval commandos’ movements and training in the water.

The move was considered as part of the Israeli regime’s underwater espionage off the coast of the enclave.

Israel’s use of animals for espionage activities is not uncommon, Press TV says. In 2012, an eagle, equipped with Mossad’s tracking and other surveillance devices, was captured.

Egyptian officials have even spoken of sharks, controlled by Mossad, to kill tourists in the Red Sea in an attempt to harm tourism there.

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