Allan in a medically-induced coma

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The Prisoner Affairs Committee on Thursday said that prisoner Mohammad Allan went into a medically-induced coma.

Allan woke up from his 5-day coma on Tuesday morning, which he slipped into within the 59th day of his hunger-strike. On Wednesday, he was found out to have brain damage since he could not respond to questions during meeting at the Barzilai medical center, and therefore, his detention was temporarily suspended, and his status changed from prisoner to patient.
Head of the Prisoners’ Committee, Issa Qarae’ said that the Israeli prison administration and government, topped with its Prime Minister Netanyahu, are responsible for the life of Allan, since they were the reason to his deterioration.

Qaraqe’ said that the Israeli authorities did not take the Allan’s case seriously, and persisted with their crime of slow murder to peak to such level.

He added that the Israeli supreme court responded to the appeal to release Allan 65 days late, therefore, the crime of killing him slowly still runs.

On Wednesday, the doctors treating lawyer and prisoner Mohammad Allan, who has been on hunger strike for 65 days in protest of his administrative detention, reported that he suffered brain damage, calling on the Israeli higher court to temporarily suspend his detention.

An Israeli lawyer on Wednesday told a supreme court hearing that Allan would be released immediately if he had irreversible brain damage. The prisoner will have an MRI scan, .

Allan’s lawyer said that the hunger striker was unable to reply to questions during a meeting at the Barzilai medical center where he is kept in the ICU.

Still, the Israeli supreme court – after considering the new medical evidence – issued a stop-gap ruling on Wednesday night, temporarily suspending his detention without charge, and ruling he could apply again for release if and when his condition improves.

The Israeli government had earlier said it would consider releasing Allan if he was found to have irreversible brain damage.

The suspension means that Allan’s friends and family will be able to visit him in hospital as his status changes from prisoner to patient.

Following the suspension, Israeli media reported that doctors had put Allan back into an induced coma for fear of his worsening medical condition.

His supporters and lawyers had called on Israel for his immediate release, rather than freezing it.

On Wednesday, Allan’s lawyer said that the Israeli Military Prosecutor offered that the prisoner is released on November third, in exchange with suspending his hunger strike until then.

Allan has been held by Israel without trial since November as an administrative prisoner, which means that he was arrested without being told what his charge is. The administrative confinement is 6 months than can be infinitely renewed.

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