IOF destroy 12 Bedouin tents in the northern Valleys

PNN/ Jordan Valley/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) with bulldozers on Tuesday morning destroyed Bedouins’ tents in the northern Jordan valleys, which are inhibited by tribes of Al-Rashaydeh and Al-Ta’amreh.

Developmental Work coordinator in the valleys, Hamza Zubeidat said that IOF destroyed about 12 tents in the area o f Fasayel Al-Wusta in the valleys.

Zubeidat pointed out that the residents in the area have been threatened with eviction for years now.

He added that Israeli bulldozers headed towards other areas in Jericho to demolish more structures.

On Thursday, Israeli settlers from the “Pay The Price” extremist groups have torched a tent in which lives a whole Bedouin family from Arab A-Kaabneh tribe, in Samia village West of Ramallah.

The groups also sprayed racist slogans on walls of homes in the village, and then moved to areas in the Jordan valleys. The slogans call on “burning of all Arabs.”

Last Tuesday, IOF demolished three residential structures near the Hamra military checkpoint, central Jordan valleys.

The governor of Jericho, Eng. Majd Al-Fityani said that IOF tore down three homes, displacing three families living in them.

Al-Fityani told PNN that these arbitrary acts were not the first of their kind.

“The valleys have always been targeted and violated by Israel’s ethnic cleansing policies and continuous evictions. These evictions aim to allow Israel to invest in the area on both military and settlement levels.”

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