Old woman from Gaza waiting to cross the Rafah border point. (17/ 8/ 2015, Gaza)

Egypt opens the Rafah border crossing for the second day in a row

PNN/ Rafah/
The Egyptian authorities on Tuesday opened the Rafah border crossing for the second day in a raw, allowing Stranded to travel in both directions, from and to Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian authorities allowed the opening of the border crossing for four consecutive days, starting Monday until next Thursday, for travelers.

On Monday, 474 travelers and two ambulances carrying patients with their companions left Gaza Strip to Egypt. In addition, 949 passengers arrived to Gaza while 26 travelers were deported.

Borders and Crossings Authority in Gaza said that on Monday, 660 tons of cement and 166 tons of gravel entered Gaza from Egypt through the crossing.

Early this morning, hundreds of travelers reached the outer hall of the crossing point, waiting the Egyptian side to open the gate.

The Egyption Authorities expressed hopes that buses travel fast, in order to let the largest possible number of travelers across.

The Egyptian authorities have closed down the border point since last year’s Israeli assault on Gaza, in fear of attacks on Egyptian soldiers in Sinai.

Since the beginning of the year, the crossing was opened for the total of 15 days only.

There were more than 20 thousand citizen names registerd at the Ministry of Interior, who need to travel urgently.

Citizens expressed hopes that the Egyptian side will open the crossing permanently.

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