Allan wakes up from Coma, to continue hunger-strike

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Hebrew sources on Tuesday morning said that the administrative prisoner Mohammad Allan woke up from the coma he slipped into on Friday when he entered his second month of hunger strike.

Walla Israeli website said that the 30-year-old decided to carry on with his open hunger-strike, assuring that he will not retreat before obtaining freedom or death.

According to Walla, Allan is now in a stable condition.

The outlet said  that medics have made huge efforts to save his life, as he lied in the ICU of Barzilai medical center, occupied Askalan.

The Israeli High Court on Monday was set to discuss appeal to release Allan, made by his lawyer Kamal Nattour.

Israeli occupation government Monday added that if Allan wakes up from his coma and still wants to continue with hunger-strike, the internationally forbidden force-feeding procedure will take place, since the Knesset in July passed law that legalized it.

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