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Turkey to halt any anti-Israel activity by Hamas members within borders

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The Israeli radio on Sunday afternoon said that Turkey has decided to halt any form of anti-Israel activity from within its borders, as a move to re-normalize the relations between Turkish-Israeli sides.

Risht-B Hebrew broadcast said that Turkish officials, including an adviser of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu , stated that Turkey will blatantly repress any military activity by Hamas members in Turkey, against Israel.

He said that his country empathizes with and supports Hamas, but will not let it launch any acts against Israeli from Turkey for the diplomatic ties between the two authorities.

Back in June, Ankara has asked a senior member of Hamas’ military wing based in Turkey to cut back on his anti-Israel activity, due to fears that otherwise, “Washington will accuse it of abetting terror,” Haaretz reported. The request was transmitted to Hamas member Saleh Aruri by Turkish intelligence.

Aruri was deported by Israel from the West Bank five years ago in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange agreement. Today, from his base in Turkey, he commands Hamas’ West Bank division.

Haaretz continued that Aruri is not subordinate to Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip and doesn’t take orders from its head, Mohammed Deif. He reports directly to Hamas’ supreme leadership, the Shura Council, and is close to Khaled Meshal, the Qatar-based head of Hamas’ political bureau.

In response to Israeli accusations against Aruri, the official said that any leader is prevented from initiating any resistance activity whatsoever, adding that anyone who does not bind to the command will be immediately deported.

News have been circulated about new Israeli-Turkish negotiations to re-normalize the relations, in addition to Israeli-Gaza negotiations to lift the siege on Gaza, and therefore Turkey does not want to disrupt these negotiations adding that there has been coordination with Hamas leaders, especially Khalid Mesh’al.

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On Sunday, a senior adviser to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Yasin Aktay, said that there will be a truce between The Gaza-based Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Israeli occupation authorities, regarding lifting blockade on Gaza. 

“Gaza is heading towards a comprehensive agreement on the issue of lifting the blockade and opening the [border] crossings in a long-term ceasefire deal with Israel,” Aktay said.

“The issue was discussed during [Hamas chief] Khaled Meshaal’s visit to Ankara last week,” he added, noting that Meshaal discussed the detail of an agreement mediated by former British prime minister and Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair.


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