Mohammad Allan during transfer to Barzilai hospital in Askalan on Monday (10 August 2015)

Israeli Court set to discuss appeal of releasing hunger-striker in coma

PNN/ Bethlehem/
The Israeli High Court on Monday is set to discuss the appeal to release Palestinian administrative prisoner and hunger-striker, Mohammad Allan.

The 30-year-old prisoner went into coma on Friday, within the second month of strike. He currently lies in the ICU of Barzilai hospital, occupied Askalan (Ashkelon) south of Israel, in critical conditions.

The prisoner’s lawyer, Kamal Nattour, appealed to the court on Saturday for release on medical grounds.

Allan has been held by Israel without trial since November as an administrative prisoner, which means that he was arrested without being told what his charge is. The administrative confinement is 6 months than can be infinitely renewed.

Israeli occupation government says that if Allan wakes up from his coma and still wants to continue with hunger-strike, the internationally forbidden force-feeding procedure will take place, since the Knesset in July passed law that legalized it.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club submitted a request to hospital officials Sunday asking them to wake Allan from the coma in order to check where he stands on his condition, according to Haaretz.

Several demonstrations in support of Allan have been held since his condition began to deteriorate over the past two weeks, and especially over the weekend.

On Sunday, IOF arrested at least 15 people in demonstrations outside the Barzilai Medical Center. Two people were lightly injured.

The Israeli police has thus far repressed the demonstration of some 200 protesters, some of them Israeli.
During the protest, Israeli extremist settlers went against the pro-release protesters, causing the erupt of clashes.

The demonstration called by far-right Jewish activists, including prominent lawyer Itamar Ben-Gvir, was joined later Sunday evening by some Ashkelon residents. Demonstrators shouted “Death to Arabs.”

Last Monday, Allan was moved to Barzilai medical center in Askalan, in preps to be force-fed. However, the hospital administration and doctors said that they refuse to do it, since it is unethical, violates a peaceful form of protest, and endangers the life of the prisoner.


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