Gaza: Old woman dies of wounds sustained in missile leftover explosion 10 days ago

PNN/ Rafah/
An old woman of the Abu Nqera family, on Sunday died of wounds she sustained after a leftover missile exploded in her house in Rafah, southern Gaza strip.The woman’s grandson, Rabie Abu Nqera said that she stayed in the ICU for 9 days before announced dead today.

On August 6, four people of the Abu Nqera family were killed, and 30 others were wounded in the explosion.

The home of Abu Nqera in Al-Shaboora neighborhood reportedly exploded during the process of rubble removal, after it was damaged by last year’s 51-day Israeli offensive on Gaza. Security sources said that the explosion destroyed eight homes.

According to statistics by the United Nations, last year’s Israeli attack on Gaza killed about 2,200 Palestinians, a majority of which are children and women, and the number is still on the rise. On the Israeli side, 73 soldiers were killed.



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