The tent which was burned down Thursday morning by extremist settlers. (Samia village near Ramallah)

Settlers torch Bedouin’s tent, spray slogans calling on “Burning of All Arabs”

PNN/ Ramallah/

Israeli settlers from the “Pay The Price” extremist groups on Thursday morning have torched a tent in which lives a whole Bedouin family from Arab A-Kaabneh tribe, in Samia village West of Ramallah.

Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) field worker, Zakaria Sadah told the Official Agency that settlers have burned down the tent, destroying everything they the family owned.

_Sadah added that the “Pay the Price” extremist groups have sprayed racist slogans on walls of homes in the village, and then moved to areas in the Jordan valleys. The slogans call on “burning of all Arabs.”

In addition, the settlers sprayed “Revenge for Messiah” and the David star.

Settlers spray the David star next to racist slogans (Samia village near Ramallah)
Settlers spray the David star next to racist slogans (Samia village near Ramallah)

Ma’ariv Israeli newspaper said that the Israeli police and military forces have opened an investigation in the case.

About a week ago, members of the group have sprayed hate slogans on walls of homes and shops near Damascus gate in East Jerusalem, that say “Death for Arabs.”

An arson attack was carried by the same group on 31 July. The crime burned alive the 18-month old toddler Ali Dawabsheh in his home in Duma village near Nablus. A few days following the attack, the toddler’s father was announced dead of his wounds. The mother and brother are still in the ICU in critical condition.

Jerusalem sources said that such groups have often targeted not only houses and shops, but also mosques and churches. None of the attackers was sanctioned by the Israeli government.

On Monday, Israeli occupation authorities have released all extremist settlers who were detained following arson attackin Duma.

According to AFP, Israel did not provide the number of those detained in the raids by far-right terrorists living in illegal West Bank settlements. However, Haaretz on Sunday said that nine terrorists were arrested, but were not named suspects in the case.

The raids came as Israel claimed it will crack down on extremists following the firebombing and the July 30 stabbing attack at a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem that killed a 16-year-old girl and wounded five people.

Even though the Knesset passed bill against “Jewish terrorism” following the attack, the Israeli police announced they were unable to identify the Duma arson attacker, and asked for help to find leads to the suspect.

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