IOF to ban Muslims, allow settlers into Ibrahimi mosque on Thursday

PNN/ Hebron/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Tuesday night announced will to close the Ibrahimi mosque (Haram) in the old city of Hebron, southern West Bank, for the Muslim worshipers under the pretext of “Jewish occasions.”Local sources said that IOF announced the mosque will be closed in the face of Muslims Thursday early morning, until the evening, but will be opened for Israeli Jewish settlers.

The mosque is regularly closed down by Israeli forces under the same pretext, but Jewish settlers are given full privilege to break into the mosque whenever desired.

IOF set checkpoints on the entrances of the mosque and worshipers are fully inspected on the gates.

IOF have often prevented the call for prayers (Adan) from the mosque, violating the religious freedom of Muslims.

The Israeli minister of army, Moshe Ya’alon on Tuesday morning broke into the mosque “to carry out Jewish prayers” in midst of tight security guardianship.

Palestinian security sources told PNN reporter that Ya’alon broke into the mosque heavily guarded, whereas the mosque gates were closed and worshipers were denied entry.

On t he other hand, the Israeli media claimed that Ya’alon’s visit was to “check up” on different areas in Hebron, where he will meet with generals and soldiers, adding that he will also “visit” other areas including the old city and the illegal settlements built in it.

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