Ahmad Dawabsheh (4) opens his eyes for the first time after arson attack on his house in Duma/ Nablus

Burned toddler’s mother to undergo skin transplant surgery shortly

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Palestinian minister of health, Dr. Jawad Awwad on Tuesday said that the mother of toddler Ali Dawabsheh, who was burned to death in a settler arson attack, will undergo a skin transplant surgery within the next few days, despite her critical condition.

The toddler’s 4-year-old brother, Ahmad Dawabsheh will also have skin-cleansing sessions. He still lies in the ICU in trauma.

Israeli settlers on July 31 have torched the home of Dawabsheh, burning alive toddler Ali. The father, Saad Dawabsheh on Saturday died of wounds he sustained in the fire.

On Monday, The Director of Tel Hashomer Hospital, where the Family receives treatment, said that the mother and brother need one year in the ICU after the elapse of the state of danger.


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Israeli occupation authorities on Monday have released all extremist settlers who were detained following arson attack, which burned alive toddler Ali and his father.

According to AFP, Israel did not provide the number of those detained in the raids by far-right terrorists living in illegal West Bank settlements. However, Haaretz on Sunday said that nine terrorists were arrested, but were not named suspects in the case.

“All those arrested yesterday for interrogation have been released,” a spokeswoman for the Shin Bet domestic security agency told AFP, without providing further details.

The raids came as Israel claimed it will crack down on extremists following the firebombing and the July 30 stabbing attack at a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem that killed a 16-year-old girl and wounded five people.

Following the attack, the Israeli police announced they were unable to identify the Duma arson attacker, and asked for help to find leads to the suspect.

However, the Knesset passed an “anti-terrorism” bill which allows six-months administrative detention of the attackers.

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