Ali Saad Dawabsheh (18 months) burned to death in an arson attack by Israeli settlers in Duma village/ Nablus

Israel releases settlers suspected in terrorist arson against the Dawabsheh family

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli occupation authorities on Monday have released all extremist settlers who were detained following arson attack, which burned alive 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh and his father on July 31.

According to AFP, Israel did not provide the number of those detained in the raids by far-right terrorists living in illegal West Bank settlements. However, Haaretz on Sunday said that nine terrorists were arrested, but were not named suspects in the case.

“All those arrested yesterday for interrogation have been released,” a spokeswoman for the Shin Bet domestic security agency told AFP, without providing further details.

The raids came as Israel claimed it will crack down on extremists following the firebombing and the July 30 stabbing attack at a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem that killed a 16-year-old girl and wounded five people.

The arson attack killed the toddler and his father, and left the mother and brother in critical conditions.

Following the attack, the Israeli police announced they were unable to identify the Duma arson attacker, and asked for help to find leads to the suspect.

However, the Knesset passed an “anti-terrorism” bill which allows six-months administrative detention of the attackers.

About the detainees: 

On Sunday, Haaretz said that one of those detained is 18-year-old Mordechai Meyer of Ma’aleh Adumim settlement. Meyer was jailed in Rimonim Prison for six months after an administrative detention order was issued against him. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who issued the order, said that Meyer was suspected of involvement in recent violence and terror attacks as part of a Jewish terror group.

Another detainee is Eviatar Slonim, suspected of belonging to an extremist group that sought to harm Arabs and replace the government in Israel with a Jewish kingdom. Slonim had been previously arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a Palestinian home in the South Hebron Hills in November 2014.

Last week, Israeli Channel 10 said that security sources have pointed the finger towards an illegal outpost in the eastern Shilo area in the West bank which, according to the sources, have “a history” of hostility with the Palestinian villages in the area.

While the police arrested far-right activist Meir Ettinger, he has not been named as a suspect in the attack, said i24.

Ettinger, whose grandfather Meir Kahane founded the racist anti-Arab movement Kach, was arrested on Monday “because of his activities in a Jewish extremist organization,” a spokesman for the Shin Bet internal security service told AFP.

The court prolonged the incarceration of Meir Ettinger until at least Sunday, judicial sources said.

Police said Ettinger, who is aged around 20, was suspected of “nationalist crimes” but did not accuse him of direct involvement in last week’s firebombing of a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank, in which a toddler was burned to death.

Haaretz reported Ettinger was linked to last month’s arson attack on the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The church was damaged and two people injured.

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