The Sarhan family homes threatened by confiscation/ East Jerusalem

Israel hands confiscation notices to three East Jerusalem homes

PNN/ Jerusalem/
The Ateret Cohanim far-right settler organization on Sunday handed notices to confiscate a land alongside three homes for the Sarhan family, located in Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in  Silwan East Jerusalem town, claiming it was property of three Yemeni Jews who owned them before the 1984 Nakba.The Wadi Al-Helweh information center in Silwan town said that the notices gave the family 30 days to respond to Israeli allegations in court. 

According to Zuhair Rajabi, member of the neighborhood committee,  these homes are property of the Sarhan family, and about ten  family members have lived in it for over 80 years.

Rajabi said that the confiscation threats were given to the Sarhan family a few days after the Abu-Nab family received similar notices from the same organization, which forms evidence of attempts to evict the people of their homes and seize the rest of East Jerusalem for settlement expansion. 

The information center as well said that these homes are located within the organization’s enterprise  to seize 5 dunums and 200 square meters in the area. The plan was exposed last may.

The organization claimed these lands were property of Yemeni Jews and date back to year 1881, claiming that the Israeli court had confirmed the Yemeni settlers property of it.

The center pointed out that about 30-35 residential buildings are constructed in the neighborhood, and shelter more than 80 families that make up to 300 citizens, who have lived in the neighborhood for tens of years after legally purchasing their homes or already inheriting them from folks.

The center concluded that the eviction attempts have started right years ago, using different methods and techniques, such as eviction notices, demolition threats, scams and constant harassment.

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