Photo showing the attack on Ro’ya TV Crew near Jaba’ (By Mohammad Turkman)

The Palestinian media freedoms violations exceeded the Israeli during July

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The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) monitored 17 violations against media freedoms during July 2015 (12 committed by Palestinian sides and 5 by the Israeli sides).

These numbers show a big decrease in violations compared to June; where 48 violations were committed, yet the dangerousness of some of the violations remained the same. It was also noticed that the Palestinian violations exceeded in number the Israeli ones.

Palestinian violations:

12 violations against media freedoms were committed by Palestinian sides during July (5 were committed in the West Bank and 7 in Gaza Strip).

During July, the Palestinian Security Forces arrested and detained several journalists, some others had been interrogated. It should be pointed that most of the violations are considered violent and dangerous.

On 3/7 the Palestinian Intelligence Service arrested Quds Press International correspondent Khaldoun Mazloum from Nablus. On the other side, the Internal Security Forces in Gaza interrogated the freelance journalist Tareq Al-Farra for his writings on Facebook.

On 8/7 the Palestinian Intelligence arrested Ro’ya Media cameraman Amr Halayqa, they also arrested Jana Media Production cameraman Haitham Warasne. Saraya Al-Quds (Al-Jihad Al-Islami military brigades ) assaulted Al-Risala media institute cameraman Mahmoud Abu Hasira and forced him to delete the photos he had taken for a festival. On 13/7 the Palestinian Intelligence interrogated Al-Hurriya radio anchor Ra’ed Al-Sharif and detained him for 13 hours.

The Police spokesman in Gaza threatened the journalist at Sawt Al-Sha’b Ahmad Abu Daqqa for what he broadcasts in his program. On the other hand, the military intelligence in Tulkarem summoned and interrogated the editor at Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed TV Sami Al-Sai for criticizing the police.

Israeli violations

The Israeli forces committed numerous violations; where the most dangerous of them was assaulting a group of journalists who were covering a sit-in near Jaba’ remarking the first anniversary of the murder of the Palestinian kid Muhammad Abu Khdair.

Ro’ya TV director Nibal Farsakh and her colleague Mohammad Shoosha were sprayed with pepper spray in their faces; which caused severe suffocation for them and they were taken to the hospital.

On the same event the following journalists were banned from covering it and those are: the editor at Filisteen Al-Yaum Sira Sarhan, Palestine Public TV correspondent Sara Al-Adra, Ma’an Network cameraman Ashraf Katkout and Al-Haya Al-Jadeeda photographer Issam Rimawi.

On 8/7 The IOF detained the freelance cameraman Osaid Amarne and Trans Media cameraman Muath Amarne while they were filming the traffic crisis near Za’tara checkpoint southern Nablus.

MADA condemned all types of violations against journalists, and demanded and end to these assaults and to hold those responsible accountable. The center also demanded respecting freedom of expression; which is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as in the Palestinian Basic Law.


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