An old picture of martyr Mousa Daraghmeh, annexed to a picture of his mother holding his clothes 13 years after his death.

13 years later, IOF return martyr’s clothes to family a day before son’s wedding

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As the family of martyr Mousa Daraghmeh from Deheisheh refugee camp was busy arranging for son’s wedding to take place on Thursday, Israeli occupation forces send father’s ripped and bloody clothes as a wedding gift.

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday called Mohammed Daraghmeh, son of martyr Mousa Daraghmeh, telling him to head to checkpoint 300 to receive an unknown belonging. In fears of ruining his brother Nur Eddin’s wedding, Mohammed refused.

However, soldiers threatened that they will bring it by hand to their house if the family does not go to get it.

The next day, Mohammed and his mother headed to the checkpoint to receive the bag, which turned out to contain a shirt, pants and shoes for the father, which were covered in his blood.

Mousa Daraghmeh was shot dead on the  22nd of May 2002, on his way to work near 300 Israeli crossing checkpoint, which is annexed to the apartheid wall, north of Bethlehem.  

The family was overwhelmed with emotions the moment they opened the bag. According to AlWatan Voice news, it was bittersweet to have part of their son finally returned home 13 years after his death, but covered with blood.

Mousa Daraghmeh's jeans, covered in blood
Mousa Daraghmeh’s jeans, covered in blood

The moment she saw her long lost son’s clothes, the mother burst into tears but started to ululate in mixed emotions of nostalgia and celebratory happiness.

The family said that the garments will be kept a symbol of resistance and a memoir of the martyr at his own house.

They added that this move by the Israeli occupation was meant to ruin the wedding. However, they said that it will be turned into a festival instead, to celebrate the heroism of their son and the sacrifice he gave to his homeland.

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