In response to court’s demolition order, Netanyahu approves hundreds of illegal settlement units

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli prime minister on Wednesday has approved the construction of hundreds of illegal settlement units in Jerusalem and Bet El settlement near Ramallah, in response to the high court’s demolition order for two illegal buildings.

The seventh Israeli channel Wednesday said that Netanyahu approved the construction of 300 settlement units in Bet El. After that, Haaretz newspaper said that he also approved 500 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation’s high court said it was committed to its order to demolish the Draynoff constructions in Bet El, which are built on private Palestinian land. The demolition should take place tomorrow.

The decision, issued by Justice Anat Baron, was made following an urgent petition filed by Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group.

In light of the order, clashes broke out Tuesday between settlers and police forces. Two settlers were injured and five were arrested.

The Israeli government demanded the order be postponed, in order to look for ways to legalize the construction.



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