Settlers protest halt of construction in West Bank settlement

On Tuesday early hours, clashes broke out between the settlers of Bet El illegal settlement and the Israeli occupation border guards during attempts to halt the construction of two buildings as ordered by the high court on Sunday.

The settlers stayed inside the buildings as an act of protest, and an unknown number of them were arrested.

According to Ynet, hundreds of settlers were expected to demonstrate in Bet El settlement near Ramallah, Westy Bank, on Monday against the halt of Draynoff buildings constructions which have 24 settlement units. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked was also expected be present.

The High Court’s decision, issued by Justice Anat Baron, was made following an urgent petition filed by Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group.

“These directives are designed in accordance with its stated mission, to try and give a seal of approval to illegal building on private land, without permits and in violation of administrative orders,” reads the petition regarding the approval of the Drayonff complex by the Civil Administration.

The Israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in response expressed strong opposition to the halt order.

The Bet El local council stated that “the Civil Administration validated the construction program of the Draynoff houses and we published the validation as required. Accordingly, the Council issued a building permit at the end of last week already, that was transmitted to the houses and therefore the temporary order issued today has no meaning as the building permit was issued in advance. The Council’s intention is to turn to the Civil Administrator to cancel the demolition order due to the building permits given.”

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