IOF demolish two buildings in Silwan


Early Tuesday morning, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) bulldozers demolished two buildings, which contained two housing units and two commercial shops in the town of Silwan, East Jerusalem. The demolition was an order from the Jerusalem municipality, under the pretext that they were built without a permit.

Local sources said that one of the demolished buildings was owned by Eyad Abbasi in the Al-Ein Fawqa area in the town of Silwan.

Eyad Abbasi, 38, said that he woke up to the noise of bulldozers and when he went outside, he saw the IOF surrouding his house, smashing down the doors of his shop without any warning.

“They did not allow me to empty the products out of the store. The IOF quickly removed them and demolished the store using a mini excavator and a huge hammer — and claimed that the place belonged to the national parks,” Abbasi said.

He later pointed out that they had demolished a total area of 70 square meters, built around 10 to 15 years ago.

Eyad Abbasi explained that the city of Jerusalem is prone to Judaization and discharging its Palestinian population. Despite the efforts of the IOF, he stressed that Palestinians and their institutions are steadfast and will remain in Jerusalem.

The other demolished building belonged to Mohammed Khalil Abbasi, “Abu Firas”, in the Ain Al-Lozah neighborhood of Silwan — again, without any warning.

Abu Firas explained that the shop covered an area of 100 square meters, and had an abundance of products inside. Like Eyad’s store, the municipality demolished it without allowing him to remove its contents — instead, they carried out the demolition without any prior notice.

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