State of rebellion and disobedience in Nafha Israeli prison


On Monday, the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission stated that prisoners in the Nafha Israeli prison have declared a state of rebellion and disobedience against the Prison Service and its repressive management.

According to the Commission, the prisoners burned several rooms in the old sections of the prison, as a form of protest against the administration’s repressive actions towards them.

On Monday morning, the administration responded and transferred all of the prisoners involved to other sections of the prison.

The head of the Commission, Issa Qaraqe, has warned Israeli prison management of the consequences of their continued repression of the prisoners and the sanctions they impose upon them — as these actions only escalate the tension even more.

401 Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons are boycotting military courts in protest of the inhumane Israeli policy of administrative detention, which violates international humanitarian law and enables the Israeli government to detain Palestinians indefinitely without trial.

Every day, the Israeli army launches arrest campaigns in Palestinian cities and villages under the alleged administrative detention policy. Briefly explained, this policy allows the Israeli government to detain Palestinians in Israeli jails with no trial or charge for up to six months, and this detention may be renewed an indefinite amount of times.

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