Al-Hasayna: Gaza reconstruction has begun


Minister of Public Works and Housing, Mufid Mohammed al-Hasayna, announced today that the reconstruction of Gaza had begun and would not be halted, stating that the next few days would see a huge effort to reconstruct the houses which were completely destroyed during the 2014 Israeli aggression on the Strip.

Al-Hasayna said in a press conference that reconstruction had begun in the flattened Sheja’iya neighbourhood of the Gaza Strip. He said:

“We announce today the true reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. We will not turn from our responsibility, and we will continue our work until all homes destroyed by Israel are rebuilt”.

He stated that teams of engineers and architects in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing were working day and night with the owners of the affected homes, and that he had given orders to his staff to facilitate all services necessary and to speed up any transactions with civilians.

He thanked Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and other Arab nations for their efforts to support the Palestinian people and the reconstruction project in Gaza.

Al-Hasayna commended the strength and patience of the Palestinian people and the steadfastness of the owners of destroyed houses.

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