Provocative settler demonstrations in West Bank

PNN/ Ramallah/

Dozens of settlers yesterday evening carried out two provocative marches near to Basajut settlement and Bet El settlement north east of Ramallah and a third march near Shilo and Aili settlements south of Nablus.

According to official sources, dozens of settlers participated in an incendiary march from Shilo settlement to Aili on the main road north of Ramallah, under the protection of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), carrying banners threatening another war on Palestinians.

The sources added that the IOF spread out over the main road from Senjel village to eastern Laban and Qariyout in order to give protection to the settlers as they attempted to incite clashes with Palestinians by way of provocative chants and threats.

Clashes did break out between the settlers, supported by the IOF, and families from eastern Laban village. A Palestinian man in his twenties, Nadem Adnan Daraghmeh, was arrested by settlers in Laban, as well as Ahmed Abdulkarem Daraghmeh.

The settlers vandalised several Palestinian properties in eastern Laban and attempted to force entry into a gas station on the main road and attack the workers, they were however prevented by civilians.

The third march from Bet El passed close by Beten military checkpoint and caused huge traffic delays around al-Beera town

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