Israeli jets fire rockets on two sites in Gaza

PNN/ Gaza/
Israeli Occupation military jets on Thursday morning have fired rockets on two sites in Gaza, in the center and the north, after Israel claimed a rocket was fired from Gaza into occupied Askalan (Ashkelon) south Israel earlier.

Local sources said that F-16 military jets have fired two missiles on the Civil administration building in Jabalia town north Gaza, leading to materialistic losses, but no injuries. In al-Bureij camp central Gaza, the military jets fired missiles on a building, destroying it completely, which harmed the surrounding homes an shattered their glass.

At about 2 AM on Thursday, Ynet Israeli website said that warning sirens went off after a rocket landed on Askalan beach, with no injuries reported. Israel has fired rockets on Gaza, even though no one adopted the earlier attack on Askalan.

The website added that Israeli army has started research to know the source of the rocket.

During the last month, Askalan was hit by several rockets which were adopted by Salafist groups (ISIS supporters) in Gaza, in response to Hamas’ crackdown on them. Israel in turn replied by firing missiles into Gaza.

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