Maginestu; An Israeli citizen claimed to have been detained by Hamas in Gaza about a week ago.

Israel offers exchanging Palestinian martyr bodies for Israeli detainees

PNN/ Jerusalem/
Citing an Israeli security source, Ynet Israeli website said that Israel offered to hand Hamas detained bodies of Palestinian martyrs, in exchange with information about the Israeli detainees in Gaza.

According to the source, Israel asked Hamas for information about the allegedly abducted soldiers, in exchange with Palestinians’ bodies detained in number cemeteries.

Israel currently detains bodies of about 385 Palestinians whose graves are given numbers only, in four ambiguous cemeteries. The bodies are thrown in 1-meter-deep holes or in Plastic bags, violating all human-rights conventions.

Israel refuses to hand these bodies as a punishment to the Palestinian resistance members and their families even after their death.

About a week ago, Haaretz newspaper lifted the veil on the detention of an Israeli by Hamas inside Gaza. However, Hamas has denied, clarifying that they had released him as soon as they discovered that he was not a soldier.

Israel had not announced his ten-month long confinement, but Israeli security services allegedly believe him to be held by the Qassam Brigades, a military wing of Hamas.

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