Israel tells EU it will have only non-Political talks with Palestinians

PNN/ Bethlehem/
Haaretz newspaper on Monday said that Israel finally responded to the European Union’s urge to revive the negotiations, by saying that there will not be any political talks with Palestinians. Instead, there will only be economic negotiations within a specified frame of demands.

The newspaper added that the Israel confirmed to the EU that it was ready to talk about improving the economic situation in Gaza and the West Bank, without  mentioning settlements whatsoever.

The Israeli statement came in response to the European demand to revive the negotiations about settlements, and all the obstacles that hinder the two-state solution.

The European demand was proposed in November 2014,  and the response was stalled for 9 months. Israel claimed that it was late because of the Knesset elections which took place in March.

About three weeks ago, the French minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius met the PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah and the Israeli PM in occupied Jerusalem to urge the resumption of negotiations.

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