Israel arrests perpetrators of Galilee church attack


Israeli newspaper Yade’out Ahrenout said this morning that the Israeli police and security services have arrested the two Jewish extremists who vandalized and set fire to Galilee’s Church of Loaves and Fish a month ago.

The newspaper claimed that the anti-terrorism unit in the Israeli police force, who opened a secret investigation into the arson attack, today allowed the publication of details on the arrest of two Israelis involved in the racially-motivated attack on the Galilee church.

It said that Israeli police units based in the West Bank had indicated that the perpetrators were Jewish settlers and that the police had arrested them in cooperation with security services. No other details were given.

It is worth noting that Israel usually frees extremist settlers who carry out attacks on Palestinian citizens and holy sites. The extremists are usually described as ‘mentally ill’ and then released despite hard evidence to the contrary.

Extensive damage was caused when the two settlers deliberately set fire to several areas inside the church, which is built on the site where Christians believe Jesus peformed a miracle by feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fish. Racist and anti-Christian graffiti was also spraypainted in red on a church wall, defiling the holy site.

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