Hamas denies detaining 2 Israeli citizens in Gaza


Israeli newspaper Yade’out Ahrnout this morning published an article saying that according to Israeli security sources, Hamas has denied currently detaining a Israeli man in Gaza, clarifying that they had released him as soon as they discovered that he was not a soldier.

According to Yade’out, Palestinian and Israeli sources said that Mengistu was arrested by Hamas in Gaza after he entered into the Strip, but that he had subsequently been released and left through tunnels into Egypt.

Israeli sources told Yade’out that Israel had attempted a dialogue with Hamas during recent months via regional mediators in order to establish the fate of Mengistu. Hamas had refused to divulge any details, only saying that they had arrested and interrogated him before releasing him through the tunnels into Egypt.

Israeli security sources said that Hamas bears full responsibility for the life of the Israeli man who was announced to be arrested by Hamas 10 months ago.

The sources pointed out that all indicators pointed to the continued detention of Mengistu by Hamas, and that they did not believe that he had been released or that he had left Gaza into Egypt as Hamas had claimed.

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