Knesset Arab List members break their fast with Abbas


Israeli television channel ‘7th Channel’ said yesterday evening that Knesset members from the United Arab List, headed by Eman Awda, have accepted multiple invitations from Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to break their Ramadan fast in Ramallah.

7th Channel stated that Eman Awda and his colleagues in the Knesset refused Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s invitation to break their fast with him, even though they have traveled to Ramallah on multiple occasions at the invitation of President Abbas.

The channel implied that the behavior of the Arab List members indicated that they belonged among Palestinians and not to the State of Israel.

On the other hand, it also said that officials from Bedouin organisations and municipality heads had also broken their fast with the Palestinian President, who had assured them that they represented a bridge between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. He also guaranteed them that the Palestinian strategy was still the same- to build on the current peace process.

According to 7th Channel, President Abbas also told his Bedouin guests that he considered them a bridge for peace, and that he was ready to return to the negotiating table if Israel was ready to commit to ending its illegal settlement expansion policy.

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