Khader Adnan’s condition improves following 55-day hunger strike


Khader Adnan has been moved to Kaplan hospital due to improvements in his condition following his 55-day hunger strike against the Israeli policy of administrative detention.

Mohja Jerusalem Foundation of Martyrs and Prisoners confirmed today that the Khader Adnan Muhammed Mousa (37) has been moved to Kaplan Hospital hospital after his health improved. He has previously been moved from Asaf Harofe hospital to Ramla prison hospital. The foundation reported that Adnan’s condition is now stable, and that the harsh effects of the 55-day long hunger strike are improving.

He was protesting the policy of administrative detention, which allows Israel to detain Palestinians for up to 6 months without trial, and it can be renewed and indefinite number of times. Adnan suspended the strike after an agreement on the release date 12. July 2015.

The Foundation added that Adnan suffered severe pain in his stomach and intestine, a continuous burn in the stomach because of his continued vomiting during the last days of his hunger strike. He is going through several medical tests today.

Khader Adnan was born on the 24th March 1978 in Arraba in the Jenin district. He is a married father of six children. He is a senior member of the Palestinian Islamist organisation Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He has been arrested and imprisoned ten times under administrative detention. He went on a hunger strike during his arrest in 2011 and it lasted for 66 days until February 2012. He was arrested again in July 2014 and began his second hunger strike in May 2015. This 55-day long strike ended when Adnan and the Israeli government agreed on a release date, the 12. July 2015.

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