Deadline for Iranian nuclear deal to expire today


The deadline to reach a final agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program will expire today, but differences still remain between the Western powers and Iran regarding IAEA monitoring and ending international sanctions.

Today marks the final deadline for reaching an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, but it is not yet clear whether the six major powers and Iran will be able to agree on a deal or not.

A second round of negotiations finished last night in Vienna between the six foreign ministers from China, France, Germany, Russia, the U.K and the United States, and the German diplomat said that he is not ruling out the possibility of failure if they are not able to find solutions to these issues quickly. He added that there would not be an agreement at any cost. An Iranian source confirmed that fundamental differences remain unsolved between the two sides.

In Washington, a White House spokesperson said that they would not rule out the option to extend the deadline to reach an agreement.

An American spokesperson assured that any final agreement concerning the Iranian nuclear program must be in line with the framework that was reached between the major powers and Tehran at the end of the Lausanne negotiations three months ago.

According to the newspaper US News, one of the biggest disagreements revolved around whether the Islamic Republic will accept the future presence of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitors at Iranian nuclear sites with full access to the nuclear plants and their employees, which is a non-negotiable demand made by the United States.

This newspaper also reported that disagreements remain regarding the timing of sanctions relief in Iran following the signing of the agreement.

A source from outside the nuclear negotiations in Vienna said to the Lebanese newspaper “The Republic” that the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told him that failure is not an option, and that if Iran will decline signing it, the reason can only be that the proposed agreement is unacceptable.

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