President Sisi says fair end to Palestinian issue will lead to decrease in terrorism


President Sisi said that improving socio-economic conditions and settling the Palestinian issue will be a key factor in eliminating terrorism in the Middle East, as the Palestinian cause is one of the biggest motivations for youth joining militant groups.

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Monday that settling the Palestinian issue will eliminate one of the most important factors terrorist groups relied on to attract new members. The president also noted that solving the Palestinian issue in accordance with international law and the Arab Peace Initiative would provide a new sense of security and stability in the region. He added that he hoped the international community would support the Palestinian wishes to establish an independent state, as well as encourage the Israeli leadership to move forward on the path of peace.

According to the Middle East News Agency, President Sisi met with a delegation from the American Jewish Committee and said that challenging the threat of terrorism requires a concerted effort by the international community. He stressed the importance of cooperation in achieving balance and security in the Middle East, and of eliminating the reasons exploited by extremist groups to attract young people. Sisi said that this would involve improving the economic and social conditions in the Middle East.

In relation to Egypt, president Sisi said that they must confront the threat of terrorism in the Sinai region, and he noted that the widening circle of violence and terrorism is not limited to the Middle East, but includes countries in Africa too.

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