Netanyahu renews warning against Iran-West agreement


Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu yesterday reiterated a warning against a deal taking shape between the six big powers and Iran concerning an Iranian nuclear file, saying that the discussions currently taking place in Vienna are a setback rather than a breakthrough.

In a speech he made at the beginning of the weekly Cabinet meeting in Israel yesterday afternoon, Netanyahu described the crystallizing deal with Tehran as worse than one reached with North Korea, which ultimately gave the state a functioning nuclear capability.

Netanyahu added that the concessions being offered to Iran have increased day after day and that the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the Iranian economy through this deal will be used for terrorist activities around the world.

The deal is currently being negotiated by US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

The US is publicly taking a hard stance on the deal, with Kerry saying yesterday that the US is ready to walk away from the negotiating table should Tehran be ‘unwilling to make the “hard choices” necessary’, according to NPR.

However, Kerry also said that “genuine progress” was being made.

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