Hamdallah meets with families of prisoners and martyrs in Hebron


Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah met yesterday with the families of martyrs and prisoners in Hebron, where he promised to keep fighting for their rights and the return of their family members. Hamadallah also discussed the opening of a new hospital and the upcoming launch of new job-creating initiatives in the Hebron region.

During a meeting for families of martyrs and prisoners in Hebron yesterday, Prime Minster Rami Hamdallah said that the government wants to assure these families that they are committed to reward them for their suffering and to continue the fight for the liberation of Palestine. The meeting was attended by several political figures in addition to the Prime Minsiter, such as the Minister of Health, the head of the General Intelligence Service and the head of the Preventive Security Service, as well as members of the Central Committee of Fatah.

Hamdalla said:

“I salute the heroic steadfastness of the brave prisoners in prisons and detention camps, the children, the sick and the women, the members of the Legislative Council, and at the heart of them the prisoners of occupied Jerusalem.”

He added:

“We pay homage and reverence to the sacrifice of the martyrs of Palestine during all stages of the struggle, and in all factions of the National Action, and I all places, be it at home or in the diaspora, imprisoned, or in refugee camps, as well as the martyrs whose bodies are still held by the occupiers.”

Later on, the Prime minister went on to demand the international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people, especially children, and an end to the sixty-seven year long suffering his people has gone through.

Furthermore, Hamdallah praised the establishment of the Halhul Hospital in Hebron, which has received funding from the government and which will have six operating rooms in the new building for the cost of a million dollars. The government is also establishing a new department of burn specialisation. He stressed that the government has allocated about two hundred thousand dollars for the benefit of old town merchants in Hebron, as well as implementing multiple projects to create jobs and secure economical growth in the area.

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