Tibi: Netanyahu playing for time; stalling peace process


Knesset member Ahmed Tibi called on the United Arab List and the international community to boycott settlement products and to increase the international moral and political pressure on Israel to change its apartheid policies towards Palestinians.

In an interview with a Turkish network in Moscow during his trip to participate in an international conference concerning the peace process, Tibi said that the international community must strengthen its boycott of settlement goods in the same way it had boycotted the apartheid government of South Africa.

He said that Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to the two-state solution, and clarified that the poor conditions for Arabs living inside of Israel showed that Israel practices racist and apartheid policies.

Concerning the stagnant political situation, Tibi said that he did not believe that negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu would be possible at the present time. He said that this was due to Netanyahu’s belief that time was on his side, and his intention to stall the peace process and continue the occupation for as long as possible in order to change the situation on the ground to suit Israel.

Tibi said that Netanyahu wastes valuable time in the implementation of his own political interests, adding that his settlement expansion policies had become clear.

Tibi said that Israelis will bear the consequences of their actions, and indicated that the Israeli government had two options: the two-state solution or a one-state solution. He concluded that Netanyahu had however chosen a third option- to maintain the occupation and strengthen its hold over the land by imposing facts on the ground through a policy of apartheid separation.

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