Jerusalem woman wounded in settler attack


Hebrew media sources yesterday said that an Arab woman was wounded on Saturday evening after she and her family were attacked by extremist settlers on a street in Jerusalem.

Israeli television channel ‘7th Channel’ said that the group of settlers began throwing stones at an Arab family’s car, leading to a woman passenger sustaining light wounds. 7th Channel added that the group of far-right settlers also threw stones at a number of other Arab cars, causing material damage to the cars only.

7th Channel clarified that a quarrel broke out between the Arab citizens and the Jewish extremist settlers who were provoking them. This lead to light injuries until the Israeli police arrived at the scene, deescalated the quarrel and arrested three persons from the parties involved.

It is noteworthy that extremist settlers have carried out daily attacks and provocations towards Palestinian citizens living in East Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan.

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