IOF crackdown in Hebron


PNN reporters spoke yesterday of a large number of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) guarding the checkpoints, junctions and roads leading into Hebron yesterday evening.

Both foot soldiers and military jeeps made their way through the city to Gush Etzion and Kiryat Arba settlements, which are illegal under international law.

IOF soldiers erected flying checkpoints at the entrances to most of the villages and towns in Hebron’s countryside.

A reason for this sudden military movement has until now remained unclear.

This comes after tensions rose in Hebron on Friday as extremist settlers marched the streets in protest of Israel’s decision to permit some Hebron residents to reopen their stores on Shuhada Street, which was forced to close by the IOF in 1994 – twenty-one years ago – after the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre during which 29 Muslims were killed by Israeli extremist settler, Baruch Goldstein.

Only two stores have actually been able to reopen so far.

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