Hilary Clinton promises stronger US-Israel ties


Hilary Clinton, presidential candidate and wife of former United States (US) President Bill Clinton, today held a meeting with the US Jewish Lobby leadership who have offered huge financial support to candidates running in the next general elections.

Presidential candidate Clinton informed the Jewish Lobby that it would be better for Israel and the Jewish people were she elected to be US President, and that the relationship between the US and Israel would be much better than it currently is under President Obama, who is also from the Democratic party.

According to Hebrew news site Walla, Clinton’s remarks were documented in American newspaper Politico during her request for financial support, for her election campaign, made to senior Jewish businessmen from the most prominant Jewish Lobby in the US. She promised to them that Israel-US relations, which have deteriorated under the leaderships of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama, will improve, saying that the personal relationship between the two countries was of utmost importance within the wider field of diplomacy.

Clinton clarified to the Jewish Lobby members during the meeting held in Manhattan, New York, that the close ties between Netanyahu and the American leadership had begun during her husband’s term as President, and that as such they would continue to improve.

Despite the announcement of her intent to strengthen Israeli-US ties, Clinton did not hide her support for a nuclear deal between the Western world and Iran

Politico indicated that former Israeli Ambassador to Washington and current member of the Knesset, Mikel Oron, attended the meeting. Oron is one of the most prominent supporters and promoters of Clinton in her presidential race.

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