Hamas accuses PA of collaborating with Israel in West Bank arrests


Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri today called on Palestinian Authorities President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami Hamdella to immediately release the members of Hamas arrested by the PA in the West Bank. He reiterated that these arrests would have serious repercussions and consequences if they continued.

Abu Zahri stated during a conference held today in Gaza city by Palestinian factions that Hamas rejected the political arrests of its members in the West Bank. He said that Hamas was seeing unprecedented arrests in terms of semantics and variety, as now more than 100 members have been detained- the majority of whom are political and academic elites.

He indicated that the arrests carried out by PA police came in the context of a collaboration between the police of the West Bank and Israeli authorities, and that they coincided with Israel’s announcement on its recent operation to arrest Hamas members on Wednesday.

He added:

“These arrests are targeting Palestinian resistance, and will not weaken Hamas. The resistance continues: we will find alternative routes to liberation and these attempts will not decrease the tenacity of our cause”.

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