Hamas Leader: Israel backs ISIS threats against Hamas

PNN/ Gaza/
Senior Hamas leader in Gaza, Mahmoud Al-Zahhar on Thursday has denounced the threats made by Islamic state (IS) against Gaza on Tuesday.

Al-Zahhar said that these threats come in light of numerous campaigns against Gaza and the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, from several bodies; the first and foremost being Israel whose last attack on Gaza killed over 2,200 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Al-Zahhar also said that a few Arab countries and even some Palestinian organizations do back ISIS against Hamas.

On a different note, the leader referred the extremist thought in Gaza to Hamas’s support to resistance against the Israeli occupation, which lead some to exploit it and flip its standards.

He added that there are a few individuals that support IS in Gaza, and will be treated according to the law.

Islamic State militants threatened on Tuesday to launch an attack on Hamas and annex the Gaza Strip to the lands it is already claiming in Syria and Iraq, reported British newspaper The Guardian. This message comes a week after leaflets threatening to ‘cleanse’ Jerusalem of its Christian population were released in a north Jerusalem neighborhood.

Meanwhile, another group of IS supporters has been carrying out a campaign in Jerusalem to oust the Palestinian Christian population from their homes in the divided city, according to IB Times.

About a month ago, Hamas vowed crackdown on the Sheikh Omar Hadid Salafist group (IS supporters). The group responded by firing rockets on Israel, to which Israel responded by striking Gaza with several rockets.

The group said that these strikes will continue if Hamas does not halt its crackdown on them. 


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