Ya’alon accuses Abbas of ‘closing the doors to peace’


Minister of the Israeli army, Moshe Ya’alon launched an attack on PA President Mahmoud Abbas, accusing him of ‘closing the doors to a peace agreement’ between Palestine and Israel.

Hebrew radio quoted Ya’alon as saying that he does not see any possibility to reach a permanent peace deal with the Palestinians in the present era.

Ya’alon said in an interview with reporters for Political Affairs that Abbas had shut the door in Israel’s face and in the face of the Americans, adding that the ball was now in Abbas’ court.

He claimed in the interview that Israel does not want or intend to govern the Palestinians, but that Abbas had rejected any international initiatives to impose an agreement on them.

Ya’alon also reiterated that Israel does not conduct political negotiations with Hamas, adding that coordination with the movement concerning the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip is being organised via the United Nations or the Palestinian Authority.

He also denied the existence of any negotiations with Hamas over the release of prisoners.

On the other hand, Minister Ya’alon condemned the nuclear deal between Iran and other major powers. He said that he believed the agreement would lead to an increased threat from Iran.

He noted that Iran has transformed into a country able to acquire nuclear weapons, which would encourage countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to seek to develop their own nuclear program.

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