PLO Executive Committee to decide future of government


Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) will be convened on Tuesday evening and chaired by Palestinian Authorities (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas in order to view the results of a committee charged with consulting all Palestinian factions with regards to forming a national unity government.

Exectutive Committee of the PLO member Abu Yousef said in an interview with PNN that the meeting will not only present the results of consultations with the factions, but offer a concrete decision concerning a plan for the future.

Abu Yousef stated that the consultations, which took place a week ago, had not succeeded in coming to a decisive agreement, which will instead be discussed by the Committee today.

He stressed that he had requested Hamas to provide a written statement clarifying its point of view on the formation of a national unity government.

Hamas said on Monday evening that consultations on forming a national unity government ‘could not begin until consulting Hamas’, accusing Fatah of trying to impose its dictates in this matter.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a press statement that ‘Fatah has tried to open communications through which to impose its dictates stemming from false illusions that it has the Palestinian people, and therefore is holding the Palestinians back from their right to decide individually what they want’.

Abu Zuhri continued to say: ‘Fatah is the real loser of this sterile politics because the Palestinian issue cannot be managed only by consensus. It is ridiculous that any party believes it is still possible to cram Hamas in the corner and put pressure on it’.

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