Landmark lawsuit victory for Palestinian landowners


Dozens of Palestinians have obtained title deeds for plots of land in West Bank village Kufr Ein after a lengthy wait.

After a long process, dozens of Palestinians have succeeded in buying plots of land in Kufr Ein village under TABO title deeds, which are legally binding and may be passed down through the family.

Revolutionary project TABO, from Ramallah’s Union Construction and Investment (UCI) organisation, has made available plots of land throughout the West Bank for Palestinian families to buy. TABO secures land in the West Bank before dividing it into ‘affordable’ and ‘accessible’ plots which can then be purchased.

TABO founder Khaled Al Sabawi explained that this new batch of title deeds means that ‘more Palestinian families are getting the chance to own a part of their homeland and to build thriving communities in Palestine’.

He added that the brilliance of the project lay in its affordability, as most land plots in the West Bank are ‘often out of reach for ordinary people’.

The TABO title deeds represent a ‘watertight’ legal bind showing that the Palestinians hold legal ownership of the land which can in turn be handed down to his or her children.

Ramallah resident Sameh Mohammad is one of hundreds of people to have applied for these title deeds. He said that he was very emotional to own a piece of land in Palestine and that TABO’s easy, no-interest payment scheme had encouraged him to apply.

Not only does TABO facillitate family investment and land ownership, it protects Palestinian land from illegal Israeli settlement expansion. Because approximately 70% of West Bank land is ‘unregistered’, Israel exploits this legal grey area and uses it to advance its settlement policy.

‘This project is truly a form of real resistance against the occupation,’ said Sameh Mohammed.

TABO has sold plots of land all over the Palestinian West Bank, with such areas set to become ‘thriving’ suburban areas. UCI is reportedly even in the process of developing a ‘comprehensive master plan’ for the communities.

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