Former Tunisian President confirms participation in next Freedom Flotilla


Former Tunisian President Al-Marzouqi arrived today at Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris after his release from Israeli detention following Israel’s interception of the third Freedom Flotilla and his subsequent arrest yesterday morning.

Al-Marzouqi was greeted at the airport by a high-ranking delegation from the European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza headed by Dr. Mazen Kahil, along with dozens of peace activists rallying in appreciation and recognition of al-Marzouki’s continued efforts for Gaza. Kahil confirmed that al-Marzouki was in high spirits.

Upon his arrival, Marzouki confirmed his participation in the next Freedom Flotilla fleet to Gaza.

He praised the alliances between the fleets, as well as the efforts made by activists and participants on board the fleet, stressing the importance of such initiatives to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause and to mobilize the international community to work to break the almost 10 year siege on Gaza.

The Freedom Flotilla campaign said that the participation of al-Marzouki in the third fleet to Gaza reflected his moral and humanitarian commitment to Palestine.

Al-Marzouki said in a statement that the third Freedom Flotilla represented an international and humanitarian awareness that the world should reject and condemn participation in the injustice against the people of Gaza, noting that the Flotilla was in solidarity with the oppressed people living without dignity in the rubble.

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