Hebrew media: PFLP responsible for shooting of 4 settlers


Hebrew media said this morning that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine had claimed responsibility for a shooting near Shafut Rachel settlement, which led to the wounding of four settlers, one of whom was reportedly wounded seriously.

Israeli television’s Channel 7 said that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine had claimed all responsibility for the attack, which occurred late last night.

The Popular Front has until now not released any official statement regarding their responsibility or lack thereof.

Hebrew news site Walla said this morning that Israeli security estimates indicate the existence of an organisation operating as an armed terrorist network, in the words of Israeli officials.

Military officials said that they have not ruled out the presence of trained cells and stated that Israeli efforts are now focused on intelligence work concerning the arrest of those involved.

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) commander for Ramallah area said that he was open to the idea that the cell be composed of more than one person, adding that the IOF had found 25 bullets in the car of the four settlers last night.

Military officials said that they suspected the removal of many barriers and checkpoints around the West Bank had facilitated greater freedom of movement for Palestinian armed groups.

They added that they were working to prevent this kind of attack in various ways, including the installation of a network of cameras around the area where the attack took place.

For their part, officials from the Council of Settlements expressed their anger towards the leadership of the IOF, saying that despite the army’s huge facilities, Palestinians were still able to target settlers. They added that the leadership should not remain silent concerning attacks.

The Council also called on the army to revoke its easing of the restrictions on Palestinians since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, stating that they were the reason for the escalation of attacks on settlers.

It finally demanded that the head of Hebron settlements also cancel its easing of the restrictions on residents of Hebron, for example the reopening of some ships in Shuhada Street in the heart of Hebron old city.

Late last night a number of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian cars near Bet El settlement east of Ramallah, causing damage but no injuries, reported IMEMC.

The attacks sparked clashes between the IOF and Palestinians, with the Israeli army using rounds of live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

UPDATE: In a discussion with Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, who visited Israel today, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said that despite the foiling of over 200 ‘terrorist’ plots in 2014, attacks against Israel would never stop.

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