Administrative detainees will boycott courts from July


A collective decision has been made by 480 administrative detainees to boycott administrative courts against their unlawful detention at the hands of Israeli authorities.

President of the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee, Aisa Qeraqa’, announced the decision made collectively by 480 administrative detainees to begin a boycott of Israeli administrative detention courts from the beginning of July, on the grounds that they do not comply with international law or constitute a representation of courts of justice.

He said that “the administrative detainees do not want to continue legitimizing this form of detention, as it is used by the Israeli authorities as a collective punishment and a means of revenge at odds with international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions.”

Qeraqa’ added that “these important legal challenges are part of the battle against administrative detention, which began years ago in the form of individual and collective strikes, and which continues now with the inspiring 52-day hunger strike of Khader Adnan“.

He said that the continuance of administrative detention orders handed down by the Israeli government is an international scandal on both a legal and humanitarian level. The arbitrary detention and lack of fair trials are at odds with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), he added, pointing out that the Israeli governmnet has been using administrative detention as law and not as the exception- as an easy alternative to a fair trial.

Qeraqa’ concluded by saying that Palestinian lawyers will be committed to the boycott and will not represent prisoners in front of administrative courts. He warned Israeli prison administration not to use severe measures to force prisoners to go to court.

The Israeli army launches arrest campaigns on a daily basis against dozens of Palestinians in various cities and villages of the West Bank under the so-called administrative detention policy.

This policy enables the Israeli government to keep Palestinians in jail without trial or charge for up to 6 months. The detention order can be renewed an indefinite number of times. This has lead to the detention of over 7000 Palestinians in Israeli jails and detention camps without any obvious charges.

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