Palestinians raise the Vatican Flag during protest against settlers burning Galilee church/ Tiberias

Protest in Tiberias against settlers burning Church of Loaves and Fishes

PNN/ Nazareth/
Thousands of Palestinians on Sunday protested the Israeli settlers act of burning the Church of Loaves and Fishes (Tabgha) in Tiberias last Thursday.

The protesters shouted slogans condemning the crime, and demanded Israeli authorities to investigate and punish the violators.

20150620123227Hundreds of christian religion men and Druze have participated in the protest, demanding follow up with the burning crimes against Islamic and Muslim sanctuaries.

The limestone Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, was constructed in the 1980s and is overseen by the Benedictine Order. It was built on the site of 4th and 5th century churches that commemorated what Christian faithful revere as Jesus’s miraculous feeding of five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

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